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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the cubiio work?

Cubiio projects a weaken laser spot to the target surface. During previewing, it moves along the planned trajectory or its boundary rectangle. Users can easily adjust the size, position, and the rotation angle. Once making sure, just press ENGRAVE to burn truly.

Is cubiio 2 safe to use?

Cubiio 2 is a Class 1 laser product - naked-eye safe under all conditions of normal use. The complete enclosure prevents the laser from leaking. Lifting the lid stops the laser immediately. Cubiio 2 is equipped with an attenuator, digital lock, thermometer, accelerometer, beeper]

How much does the cubiio weigh?

There’s also a built-in USB socket to power your Cubiio unit. Cubiio and CubiioShield are undergoing the laser certification process of IEC60825-1 and FDA CDRH. We will announce the result once the certification is obtained. Weight: 1.3 Kg (Laser Module 150 gram)

Why should I buy cubii?

Cubii gives you the freedom to work out while you sit with a good book, watch your favorite show, or work at your desk. You"ll be able to move a little more without changing your routine. Cubii is designed to fit easily into your life, so you feel healthier, happier, and more balanced. Keep active wherever you sit

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