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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Mukilteo ferry?

You can contact us at anytime for status updates at (206)464-6400. There is no payment for passengers or bicycles traveling from Clinton to Mukilteo. Bicyclists may bypass the line of vehicle traffic to get onto the ferry dock. They do not need to stop at the tollbooth.

How do I get from Mukilteo to Seattle by rail?

Sounder offers commuter rail service from Mukilteo to Seattle with stops in Edmonds. In Mukilteo, Sounder rail is located at 920 First Street, NE of the Mukilteo Ferry Terminal, within six minutes walking distance from terminal.

Can you take a walk on the Whidbey Island Ferry?

Luckily, you can make a reservation for this route which is a must if you plan on sailing, especially in the summer. 2.) Walk On, or Ride On Foot passengers, cyclists, and motorcyclists will always be allowed on the first available whidbey island ferry sailing after they show up at the dock.

What information is available at the ferry terminals?

For each terminal the following information is available: terminal address with aerial photo, street map and directions, Ferry Cams, amenities, parking and ADA information. For some terminals, we provide an estimate of available drive-up spaces on the vessel for upcoming sailing departures.

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