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Frequently Asked Questions

What is curves Phase 1?

Phase 1 is followed for 7 days and is designed to jump start weight loss! Review the items in order for a successful start to Phase 1. Visit for tips, motivational articles, recipes, and more! We've got an online community of women just like you!

What is the curves diet?

What is curves diet? Curves diet is a diet plan that focuses on women. The main principle of the plan is taking a diet that is rich in proteins, low on carbohydrates and doing more exercise. By following this plan the metabolism of the body goes high which allows the body of shell-off a few pounds and also assists in maintaining the result.

How many meals a day should you eat on the curves?

The curves diet plan recommends six meals a day (the nutritional charts given above to be followed). The curves diet plan also recommends a 30-minute work out routine on a daily basis.

What is curcurves three phase approach to weight loss?

Curves three phase approach to weight loss will help build healthy eating and exercise habits for life. The focus is on permanent weight loss results without permanent dieting by increasing metabolism and protecting muscle mass.

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