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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a curved TV?

Curved screens are marketed as providing an "immersive" experience, and allowing a wider field of view. Similar to a movie theater having good and bad seats, there is an optimal position when it comes to watching TV at home. This optimal position is directly along the central axis of the TV with the central point of the screen at eye level.

What are the benefits of a curved TV?

The benefits of curved TV. One of the biggest advantages with curved screens is you’re able to focus more light toward the user, another is the similarities they share with the human eye, they’re both curved, so this gives the potential for an image to be equidistant to your eyes.

Are curved TVs worth it?

If you sit closer, then a curved screen may appear bigger, and this is why many curved monitors are still around, but for most people watching TV, there isn't any perceivable difference. Winner: Curved. The difference is very minor, though, so it's not worth the extra cost. Due to their shape, flat and curved TVs handle reflections differently.

Why is a curved TV better?

The argument goes that curved screens focus the light coming from the screen more directly at your eyes – in much the same way satellite dishes strengthen signals by focussing them onto an LNB – and so can deliver between 1.5x and 1.8x higher contrast than flat screens.

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