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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Cyrus 2?

The benefits acquired by moving to the Cyrus Two include an increase in headroom and wider dynamic capability, the extra power allowing it to respond to whatever demands are placed upon it by either the music or the partnering speakers.

How old is the mission system Cyrus two amplifier?

The Mission System Mission Cyrus Two amplifier. Now some three years old as a product, the Cyrus Two is a very compact integrated amplifier, considering its 50Wpc output, as wide but a little longer than an "A4" sheet of paper.

What was the sound of the Cyrus 2?

The sound: In addition to being used with the other Mission components, the Cyrus Two was used extensively for the speaker reviews in this issue of Stereophile. Some areas of performance stood out.

What's the difference between Cyrus one and Cyrus two?

Essentially similar to Cyrus One, the Cyrus Two provides even greater drive capability for systems requiring more power.

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