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Frequently Asked Questions

How old was Cyrus Dobre when he was born?

Cyrus Dobre was born on March 9, 1993. As of now, Cyrus has turned 27 years old. His birthplace is Hagerstown, Maryland in the United States of America. Regarding his parents’ details, Aurelia Dobre is his mother while Boz Mofid is his father.

How many subscribers does Cyrus Dobre have on YouTube?

Cyrus Dobre is an American gymnast who is now popular as a Youtuber. Cyrus Dobre runs a YouTube channel titled, ‘Dobre Brothers’ with his three brothers. It has successfully garnered 8.53M subscribers. Similarly, he also runs another channel, ‘Cyrus and Christina’ that has 2.55M subscribers.

Who are the parents of Cyrus Dobre gymnast?

Family Life. His mother is world record-breaking gymnast Aurelia Dobre. His father, Boz Mofid, was a gymnastics coach. He married Christina Dobre in 2018.

Who is Cyrus Dobre and Christina kalamvokis?

Christina Kalamvokis is best known as a YouTube star, for having co-run the popular YouTube channel ‘Cyrus and Christina’ alongside her ex-husband Cyrus Dobre. Christina Kalamvokis first opened her eyes on September 20, 1997. She caries Canadian nationality and was born in Canada.

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