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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Lucas and Marcus Dobre known as Dobre Brothers?

Now, there tiktok account and YouTube Channel with million of followers is known as “Dobre Brothers” because they extended twin videos now in to whole siblings videos. Yes, now Lucas and Marcus added their siblings Cyrus and Darius in their videos and Pranks making their YouTube channel a whole Dobre family channel.

How to make contact with the Dobre Brothers?

In email there is option of multiple incoming unlike most of phones. So if more than one user is sending email to Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius then still all will receive them. Make use of Dobre Brothers email address to make a contact and to inquire any query from her.

Who are the Dobre Brothers on Team 10?

Mostly American TikTok and YouTube Celebrities are Dobre’s brothers friends. Some of You Tubers they worked and have good relationship, Jake Paul a popular American YouTuber is Dobre’s friend. He added all Dobre brothers in to his team “Team10”. All of brothers including Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus and Darius are dating different girls.

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