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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Dakota mean in Native American?

The Dakota (pronounced [daˈkˣota], Dakota language: Dakȟóta/Dakhóta) are a Native American tribe and First Nations band government in North America. They compose two of the three main subcultures of the Sioux /ˈsuː/ people, and are typically divided into the Eastern Dakota and the Western Dakota.

Why the Dakota community?

The Dakota Community provides a safe, supportive learning environment with opportunities for all students to develop the skills and knowledge to become responsible, successful members of society. Classes begin - EL and MS Students attend AM only.

Where can I find information about Dakota County History?

Applications and instructions on how to obtain all are listed at their respective pages on the county website. The primary contact phone number for the Vital Statistics department is (651)438-4313. The Dakota County Historical Society is available for genealogy research.

What is the difference between Dakota and Anishinabe?

The name Anishinabe, or "the original people," has spiritual meaning and is what one Ojibwe calls another. The term Ojibwe is used most often when referring to tribal culture and tradition. The term Dakota — also Lakota and Nakota, on the prairies farther west — is the tribe's own word for "allies."

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