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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the “Damen silos”?

The colloquial “Damen Silos” harken back to an era when Chicago was a big player in the grain trade. The land on which the grain elevator lords over has been in use since the early 1800’s. In 1832 a fire broke out at the grain elevator and then rebuilt with with concrete.

What happened to the Damen silos in Transformers?

With a mixture of CGI and dynamite, the fifth explosion hits. For the first time in history, the silos blow up on purpose. The next year, Transformers: Age of Extinctioncomes out. Anyone watching the movie assumes the Damen Silos truly are in China]

Where is the best place to view the silos?

View from the northside of the west towers, peering south. Zbrah (Atlas Obscura User) The back of the silos is decorated with colorful graffiti. Emma Kumer (Atlas Obscura User)

How do you get inside a silo?

Certain silos can still be accessed through basement tunnels. These dark passageways take you inside the enormous funnel bases, which are adorned with guide ropes that lead to questionably dangerous ladders to the top.

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