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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Darrell Lea make a better world?

The raw ingredients sourced by Darrell Lea are sustainable, so we're part of building communities for a better world. Here at Darrell Lea, we bring together generations of imagination and traditional lolly shop craft to create something special in every bite. 100% sustainable sourced cocoa. See how we create the good stuff.

Where is the headquarters of Darrell Lea company?

Its headquarters is based in Ingleburn, New South Wales. After 85 years under the ownership and control of the Lea family, the company went into voluntary administration in 2012 leading to its acquisition, sale and restructuring under new ownership.

Where does Darrell Lea make the best licorice?

Crafted in Australia, by Australia, for nearly a century Darrell Lea has been making the finest chocolates, freshest licorice and most delectable confectionery since 1927. and most delectable is soft-eating licorice, invented in a small factory under the iconic arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

What makes Darrell Lea confectionery so special?

Here at Darrell Lea, we are passionate about creating and crafting extraordinary confectionery that is worth sharing. With quality ingredients, over 90 years’ experience and a range of delicious flavours, we are enhancing the snacking experience.

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