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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Latin American country celebrate its independence day on September 16?

Mexico celebrates its Independence from Spain on the 16 of September. Most people here in the United States celebrate the Cinco de Mayo or May 5, but that day is the Celebration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

What year did the Latin American Independence begin?

Argentina was the first to formally declare independence on July 9, 1816 . The independence of Latin America from Spain was a foregone conclusion as soon as the creoles began thinking of themselves as Americans and the Spaniards as something different from them.

When did slavery end in most of Latin America?

The process of slave emancipation in Latin America and the Caribbean was protracted and tortuous, beginning in the late eighteenth century with the Haitian Revolution, an event with profound consequences for slave regimes everywhere in the New World, and finally coming to an end with the abolition of Brazilian slavery in 1888.

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