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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are T.I and his daughter Deyjah?

An American Model, and Social Media personality. Rapper T.I. and his daughter, Deyjah Harris. Where is Deyjah Harris from? Recalling her early life, Deyjah was born in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA to her parents, T.I. and Ms. Niko in the year 2001.

How old is Deyjah on friends and Family Hustle?

During an episode of Friends & Family Hustle, the 18-year-old revealed T.I. praises her brothers for having sex and broke down in tears. Deyjah said she was "shocked, hurt, angry, embarrassed" when she first saw the topic trending on social media during a family vacation.

How old is the daughter of T I?

By Adam S. Levy For Deyjah Harris, the 18-year-old daughter of rapper T.I., opened up about past issues she's had in relation to depression and anxiety in a YouTube clip Tuesday.

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