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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the purpose of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers?

The purpose of the society is to preserve the memories of the early men, women and children who who came to Utah between 1847 and 1869. A more comprehensive history is located on their website on Organizational Structure of Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

When is the Daughters of Utah Pioneers 120th birthday?

On April 11th, it is the 120th Birthday of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers! To celebrate, we have created a virtual party. You can come early, come late, or watch it over and over. We hope you enjoy our video and think of this great milestone on April 11. To watch the party, click here.

Where can I find biographies of Utah Pioneers?

Two of the online publications are: The members of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) have prepared and collected thousands of biographies of early pioneers (1847-1869). Search for a pioneer history on the website.

What are the Daughters of Utah Pioneers notebooks?

Includes a notebook kept by Zina Card (Brown) for a sewing class at Brigham Young College in Logan, Utah; correspondence; a Daughters of Utah Pioneers notebook belonging to Zina Y. Card, 1912-1914; a list of Brigham Young's daughters and granddaughters, 1947; a postcard image of the C. O. Card home in Cardston, Alberta; and...

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