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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to Luminary Podcasts?

There are three ways to access all Luminary Originals Subscribe to the Luminary channel on Apple Podcasts. Download the Luminary app, available in the App Store and the Google Play store. Listen via desktop at How do I cancel? You can cancel your Luminary subscription at any time at no additional cost.

Where did Dave Chappelle record the Midnight Miracle?

“The Midnight Miracle” was recorded during Chappelle’s 2020 Summer Camp at “The Shack” — a mechanic’s garage retrofitted as a clubhouse.

Who are the members of Dave Chappelle’s band?

— Dave Chappelle Featuring, in order of appearance: Questlove, Donnell Rawlings, Jon Stewart, and Jarobi White Contains music by Black Star and original score by Noah Gersh for SALT.

How much does it cost to listen to luminary?

$23.99 to access over 1000 hours of award-winning Luminary Originals for the year - a savings of 60% off the monthly price. Cancel Anytime. Terms apply Listen wherever you are. Download the Luminary app to start listening to the full collection of Luminary Originals. Available on iOS and Android.

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