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Frequently Asked Questions

How many David Jones stores are there in Australia?

Osiris Holdings Pty Ltd, trading as David Jones, is a retail operator in Australia. The group divides its operations into the following divisions: Department store: David Jones operates 45 stores throughout Australia and 1 store in Wellington, New Zealand as well as an online store.

What kind of products does David Jones sell?

The company's products include ladies' fashion, menswear, shoes & accessories, cosmetics, children’s wear & toys, home wares, stationery, books, CDs & DVDs, white goods, etc. The company provides financial services and includes the David Jones store credit card.

Who is the owner of David Jones music?

This website is owned and operated by David Jones Limited (ABN 75 000 074 573). Use of this website is subject to these Terms of Use. David Jones is not liable to you or any other for any loss in connection with the use of this website or a linked website.

What was the net revenue of David Jones?

The net revenue of David Jones decreased from $1985.5 million in FY2009 to $1845 million in FY2013 by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of -1.82%. The decrease in the revenues was attributed to the challenging trading environment and also the strategy of the company to improve margins by reducing the amount of discounting.

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