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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the Davis Sisters?

The Davis Sisters: Ruth, Thelma, Audrey and Alfreda Davis along with Curtis Dublin. The Davis Sisters of Philadelphia, PA were an American gospel group founded by Ruth ("Baby Sis") Davis and featuring her sisters Thelma, Audrey, Alfreda and Edna.

Who played piano with the Davis Sisters?

The Davis Sisters' attire was usually plain choir robes and in the early days they were only accompanied by piano played by Curtis Dublin. The Famous Davis Sisters were involved in the movement of the Capella quartet sound into female group singing with instrumental accompaniment.

Who was Baby Sis Davis?

Ruth Davis - nicknamed Baby Sis, founded the group at age 17. Born on September 27, 1927, she was the featured vocalist with a bluesy voice and could also play the piano but never did on stage. She was the creative brains behind the group's musical arrangements and was not afraid to try something new.

Who were the original members of the Davis brothers?

The core of the group were biological sisters but over the decades some were replaced by non-related performers. Ruth Davis - nicknamed Baby Sis, founded the group at age 17. Alfreda Davis - born January 1, 1934. Thelma Davis - Born April 1, 1929. Audrey Davis - another blood Sister.

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