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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Davis Vision pay?

Typically adds several hundred dollars to the price. The national average cost is $1,912 per eye, however the Davis Vision price is under $1,400 per eye. Also known as IntraLase, Ziemer or I-LASIK it utilizes an additional femtosecond laser which typically adds several hundreds of dollars in cost making it typically the highest priced procedure.

Does Davis Vision own Visionworks?

Vision professionals are located in New Jersey and nationwide, including Davis Vision's retail locations. Find your vision professional at Davis Vision Inc. supports Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey in the administration of vision benefits.

What is Davis vision coverage?

Davis Vision Insurance. is accepted by Davis Vision Insurance as an out-of-network provider. Most Davis Vision insurance plans also include an "out-of-network" benefit, which could range from $0 to over $100.

What does the Vision Plan cover?

Vision plans generally cover or provide discounts on the following products and services: Annual eye examinations Eyeglass frames Eyeglass lenses (including lens coatings and enhancements) Contact lenses Discounted rates for LASIK and PRK

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