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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Daytime Confidential podcast?

Sudsing up your iPod, Daytime Confidential is the first podcast featuring daytime Gossip, News, Rumors, Opinions and more for all your favorite soaps and talk shows. Humorous yet heated, the Daytime Confidential team debates the hottest topics and controversial storylines.

What is amdamd high definition audio device?

AMD high definition audio device is an audio mechanism built into multiple AMD modules. It is used to send sound through HDMI and Display Port connections. Maybe, you are interested in this post - DisplayPort VS HDMI: Which One Should You Choose .

How to fix AMD high definition audio device (HDAD) issues?

How to Fix the AMD High Definition Audio Device Issues 1 Open Control Panel and click the Sound part. 2 Right-click the Speakers/Headphones and select Properties. 3 Now navigate to the Advanced tab and click Restore defaults.

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