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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dealer E process?

Dealer e Process was created to assist dealerships in having a full digital strategy on the internet. We've worked extremely hard to bring this system to market and have proven results for our dealers on our program with numerous clients being National Leaders in Sales for their respective manufacturer.

Is it illegal for an used car dealership to sell?

A used dealer isn't supposed to sell a car without having the title in possession. In fact, in most states, it's unlawful to do so. Until the dealer has the title, issued in the dealership's name, the company doesn't officially own the vehicle.

Do car dealerships sell rental cars?

Short Answer: Most car dealerships are individually owned and set their own rental policies, but several brands - including Chevrolet, Ford, Kia, Subaru, and Toyota - rent cars at specific locations. Dealerships typically offer daily rental options for $20 to $125, depending on the vehicle class, and weekly rental options range from $100 to ...

What does dealership mean?

dealership - a business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area. franchise.

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