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Frequently Asked Questions

Do car dealers take salvage cars?

A dealer may or may not want to purchase a salvage-titled vehicle. Some dealers may work with buyers to accept a salvage car if the customer plans to trade it toward another purchase. However, many dealers have no interest in purchasing a salvage car because they cannot resell it to make a profit.

What is car dealer insurance?

USED CAR DEALERS. Dealer Protection Group (DPG) provides insurance for used car dealerships with a variety of options and choices. Whether a dealership is large or small, or simply dedicates one portion of its lot to pre-owned vehicles, our comprehensive coverage will insure the cars and trucks on the lot and the garage associated with sales.

What is a car badge?

A badge is what defines a car. When you see something for the first time, out there in the real world, you look to the badge to know what it is. Car companies spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours on testing and focus groups, just to get the right badge.

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