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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dealercenter administrator do?

It is the Administrators’ responsibility to manage all aspects of the DealerCenter account including adding and/or removing product subscriptions, creating additional UserIDs, setting permission levels, and resetting expired or locked UserIDs, as needed. I have read and understood the above.

Why dealdealercenter DMS technology?

DealerCenter’s DMS technology leads the industry with innovation, dependability and value. No other platform combines more functionality into a single interface, making it easier than ever to run a dealership with efficiency and profitability.

How do I create a dealercenter userid(s)?

Each DealerCenter account requires an Administrator (s). The Dealer Principal and Primary Contact will receive an email with instructions to create their DealerCenter UserID (s). These will automatically have full Administrator permissions in DealerCenter. Note that UserIDs belong to individual users and must not be shared.

How does dealerdealercenter integrate with QuickBooks?

DealerCenter’s QuickBooks integration takes your transaction entries from DealerCenter and convert them to journal entries that can easily be posted directly to QuickBooks. A journal entry is simply the recording of business transactions for the accounting books of your business.

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