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Frequently Asked Questions

What do dealerships use Credit Acceptance?

Dealerships that are serious about helping customers with bad credit will use Credit Acceptance Corp, or lenders with similar programs. These dealers will stock the right inventory and will know how to structure loans to get the best approvals.

Do all dealerships offer leasing?

The vast majority of new car dealers offer lease programs, but not all. Since used cars cannot usually be leased, few used car exclusive dealership can offer a lease of any type. You may want to consider if leasing a car is a better idea than buying one before you search out a dealership.

What happens to unsold cars in dealerships?

What happens to unsold cars in the US (at dealerships) When dealerships take delivery of cars from the manufacturers , they buy the vehicles themselves, so they own them. Therefore, if the cars go unsold, dealerships typically can't just send them back to the manufacturers and get a refund.

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