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Frequently Asked Questions

What is auto sales tax in New Hampshire?

New Hampshire. A sales tax of 9% exists on prepared meals in restaurants, short-term room rentals and car rentals There is also a 7% tax on phone services and a 1.5% tax on real estate sales. Excise taxes are imposed on sales of gasoline, tobacco, beer and electricity.

What is New Hampshire Insurance?

Company Overview. New Hampshire Insurance Company provides property and casualty insurance services. The company offers homeowners, automobile, boiler and machinery, personal injury liability, surety, workers' compensation, and property insurance services. The company was incorporated in 1869 and is based in New York, New York.

What is a car dealership?

A car dealership or vehicle local distribution is a business that sells new or used cars at the retail level, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary. It employs automobile salespeople to sell their automotive vehicles.

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