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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the readers of deals on Wheels?

With an evergrowing readership* Deals On Wheels/Farm Trader offers the best insights on thousands of trucks and heavy machines to buy or sell. It provides information related to safety, standards, the latest technology, tools and equipment. *Nielsen readership results March 2020: 125,000 readers, +3% vs 2019

How much does a Mags wheels rim cost?

1 US Mags Wheels U102 Standard Textured Grey with Diamond Cut Lip Starting at: $138.20 2 US Mags Wheels U107 Standard Gloss Black with Diamond Cut Lip Starting at: $150.00 3 US Mags Wheels U101 Indy Polished Starting at: $150.00 4 US Mags Wheels U111 Rambler Textured Grey with Diamond Cut Lip Starting at: $156.00 More items...

How are car sales done at wheels and deals?

Sales are negotiated directly between buyers and sellers so there is never any pressure. Our display lot features vehicles in every price range including pre-owned, high-end, custom and classic vehicles, motorcycles, SUV’s trucks, boats and trailers - with new inventory arriving daily.

Who is the manufacturer of US Mags wheels?

US Mags is the signature wheel brand of MHT Luxury Alloy, a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom aftermarket rims today. First established in the 1960s by legendary auto racer Parnelli Jones and his friend Art Hale, Sr., US Mags traces its origins back to the earliest years of custom wheel history.

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