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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any coupons that are exclusive to Kohls?

Combine free shipping promo codes, department-specific promo codes and Kohl’s Cash when you check out to maximize your savings. Some coupons are exclusive to Kohl’s MVC members, so sign up for a Kohl’s Charge for even more savings.

How to use Kohls mobile coupon code 56457?

Here, you can find in-store deals and coupons that are currently available. Text this code to 56457 to sign up for Kohl's mobile sales alerts and you'll receive a one-time use coupon for an extra 15% off your next purchase! Offer will apply to regular price and sale items.

Are there any coupons for Under Armour at Kohls?

Keep up to date with all of the latest deals and discover promo codes for your favorite brands at Kohl’s, including discounts on Under Armour and Nike shoes on sale. Find coupon codes on everything from discounted jewelry and shoes to Black Friday deals and gift ideas for birthdays and anniversaries.

How often do you get 30% off at Kohls?

Visit Kohls and apply for a Kohl's charge card for the opportunity to get 30% off all orders about once every month. Shoppers will qualify for additional discounts and free shipping promotions throughout the year. Be sure to subscribe to DealsPlus to be alerted of the code that is needed to save an extra 30% off during these cardholder events. More

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