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Frequently Asked Questions

What is bonded labour (debt bondage)?

Puspal, former brick kiln worker in Punjab, India. Puspal, above with her family, is one of millions of victims of bonded labour across the world. Also known as debt bondage or debt slavery, it is the most common form of modern slavery. Despite this, it’s the least known. Debt bondage occurs when a person is forced to work to pay off a debt.

Is it against the law to use bonded labor?

As far as bonded labor, also known as peonage, in the U.S. goes, it is against the law to use debt as a form of coercion for forced labor and has been since the legal emancipation of slaves in 1865 as a result of the civil war. What type of work is involved in bonded labor?

What are the causes of bonded labour?

Bonded labour flourishes because of poverty and widespread caste-based discrimination. Limited access to justice, education and jobs for discriminated groups makes it difficult to get out of poverty. The need for cash for daily survival forces people to sell their labour in exchange for a loan.

What is bonded labor and is it human trafficking?

Human trafficking encompasses many types of enslavement, but one common form is bonded labor, also known as Debt Bondage. Statistics show that 1 in 5 Americans will die in debt, according to Marketwatch. Many of us will inevitably experience debt, whether that is a car or home loan, or even borrowing $20 from a friend.

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