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Frequently Asked Questions

What is debt bondage or debt slavery?

Also known as debt bondage or debt slavery, it is the most common form of modern slavery. Despite this, it’s the least known. Debt bondage occurs when a person is forced to work to pay off a debt. They are tricked into working for little or no pay, with no control over their debt. Most or all of the money they earn goes to pay off their loan.

What is a debt bonded labor?

Bonded labor, also known as debt bondage and peonage, happens when people give themselves into slavery as security against a loan or when they inherit a debt from a relative.

Is bonded labor modern-day slavery?

Part of the workforce is trapped in bonded labor, a form of modern-day slavery in which people work in often terrible conditions to pay off debt. Bonded labor was made illegal in India in 1976, but it never went away.

What is debt bondage in South Asia?

Debt bondage in a wider sense is spread much beyond South Asia and is an element of many other forms of slavery such as forced labour and trafficking. People borrow money to pay their traffickers for a promised job abroad.

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