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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my credit cards in debt consolidation?

Consolidating your credit card debt does not eliminate it. Even if the consolidation reduces your monthly payment, you still have to pay off all of your debt. So if you don’t have regular income or can’t afford your monthly payment, consolidating your credit card debt will not help you get back on track.

Are credit card consolidation loans a good idea?

When debt consolidation is a good idea. Success with a consolidation strategy requires the following: Your total debt doesn’t exceed 50% of your income. Your credit is good enough to qualify for a 0% credit card or low-interest debt consolidation loan. Your cash flow consistently covers payments toward your debt.

Can consolidation help reduce credit card debt?

If high-interest credit card debt is causing you financial problems, consider credit card consolidation as a solution . The right consolidation program will reduce the interest rate on your credit card debt and give you the breathing room you need to pay off those cards.

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