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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact deers?

Call the DMDC/DEERS Support Office (DSO): (800) 538-9552. Keeping your DEERS records current helps speed your TRICARE medical benefits.

Can deers hurt people?

The Dangers Posed By Deer. Although a number of different factors can be dangerous to people, probably the most important thing is the size of deer will often leave humans as the smaller being, and there are only a few animals that will be larger than people.

What eats elk and deer?

In North America, wolf and coyote packs and the solitary cougar are the most likely predators, although brown and black bears also prey on elk. Coyote packs mostly prey on elk calves, though they can sometimes take a winter- or disease-weakened adult.

How do I Check my deers status?

Visit your personnel office or contact the Defense Manpower Data Center Support Office at 800-538-9552. You can find your nearest personnel office at: Visit the DEERS website at

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