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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between defence and defense?

In summary, the main difference between the words “defense” and “defence” is that “defense” is the English-spelled word whereas “defence” is the British notation of the same word bearing the exact same meaning. About. Latest Posts.

What is the best defence?

"The best defense is a good offense" is an adage that has been applied to many fields of endeavor, including games and military combat. It is also known as the strategic offensive principle of war.

What does in my Defence mean?

In my defens God me defend ( Scottish Gaelic: Ann an Dia no dhìon dìon mi) is the motto of both the royal coat of arms of the Kingdom of Scotland and royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom used in Scotland. Contemporary versions of the royal arms show an abbreviated motto, in the form of in defens or, where English is used as an alternative, in defence.

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