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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a substantial change in substance?

SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE Substantial change (Lat. generatio simpliciter ) or absolute becoming (Lat. fieri absolute, fieri simpliciter ) is the passage in a subject from absolute nonbeing to being that is substance. This passage is necessarily produced in the indivisible instant in which a substance both comes to be and exists in itself.

What is a substantial change in employment?

Substantial change means any material change in the terms or conditions of Participant’s employment (including in salary or target bonus) following a Change of Control Date that is less favorable to Participant than those in effect previous to the Change of Control Date other than (i) a change that has been made on an across-the-board basis for ...

What is a substantial change of operations or modification?

Substantial change of operations shall mean a change in the type of business enterprise in which an entity is engaged. Substantial change in the amount or location of open space, recreation facilities or landscape screens shall constitute a modification.

What is the definition of substantial for kids?

Kids Definition of substantial. 1 : large in amount a substantial improvement. 2 : important sense 1 a substantial difference. 3 : firmly constructed Substantial walls surround the castle. 4 : abundant a substantial meal. 5 : prosperous sense 1 a substantial farmer. 6 : made up of or relating to substance : material.

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