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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of substantial amount?

of ample or considerable amount, quantity, size, etc.: a substantial sum of money. of a corporeal or material nature; tangible; real. of solid character or quality; firm, stout, or strong: a substantial physique. basic or essential; fundamental: two stories in substantial agreement.

What is the antonym for substantial?

Antonyms for substantial. immaterial, nonmaterial, nonphysical. 4 sufficiently large in size, amount, or number to merit attention. there's been a substantial increase in attendance at girls' volleyball games ever since the start of their winning streak.

What is the definition of a substantial improvement?

Definition of Substantial improvement Substantial improvement means any reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition, alteration or other improvement of a structure in which the cost equals or exceeds fifty percent (50%) of the market value of the structure before the "start of construction" of the initial improvement.

What is technical debt in software development?

Technical debt. Technical debt (also known as design debt or code debt) is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy (limited) solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.

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