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Frequently Asked Questions

What does substantially limits mean in disability law?

“Substantially limits” is not meant to be a demanding standard. (ii) An impairment is a disability within the meaning of this section if it substantially limits the ability of an individual to perform a major life activity as compared to most people in the general population.

What is the legal definition of substantial?

Legal Definition of substantial. 1a : of or relating to substance. b : not illusory : having merit failed to raise a substantial constitutional claim. c : having importance or significance : material a substantial step had not been taken toward commission of the crime— W. R. LaFave and A. W. Scott, Jr.

Does an impairment “substantially limits” a major life activity?

Accordingly, the threshold issue of whether an impairment “substantially limits” a major life activity should not demand extensive analysis. (iv) The determination of whether an impairment substantially limits a major life activity requires an individualized assessment.

What is a substantial amount of food?

English Language Learners Definition of substantial. : large in amount, size, or number. : strongly made. of food : enough to satisfy hunger. See the full definition for substantial in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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