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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between substantially similar and substantially similar?

“Substantially similar” is likely somewhere in between. “Substantially similar” implies less than perfect similarity; if the FASB authors had intended perfect similarity, they would most likely have used a term such as “completely similar.”

What is the meaning of the adverb substantially?

adverb by an ample or considerable amount; quite a lot: As a professor, my workload is substantially reduced or eliminated during the summer months. in a basic or essential way; fundamentally: The new law mandates equal pay for substantially similar work, whether at the same establishment or not.

When to use substantial similarity in copyright law?

Substantial similarity, in US copyright law, is the standard used to determine whether a defendant has infringed the reproduction right of a copyright.

What does Oxford Dictionary mean by substantially similar?

About, actually, competently, and essentially.” Oxford Dictionary defines “substantially” as: Oxford defines “similar” as: 1. Resembling without being identical.” The compounding of these two Oxford definitions of “substantially” and “similar,” results in this:

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