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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference in accountable and reliable?

As adjectives the difference between accountable and reliable is that accountable is having accountability (individuals have accountability); answerable while reliable is suitable]] or fit to be [[rely on|relied on; worthy of dependence or reliance; trustworthy. As a noun reliable is something or someone or dependable.

What does it mean to be 'accountable'?

Accountability is not something that can be given or assigned to a person. Instead it is something that you must take on yourself. It is the ability to claim your actions as your own and discuss your reasons behind them. Transparency pushes you to be accountable. Being transparent about your decisions and actions makes it almost impossible not to.

Why is accountability important in the workplace?

Accountability is important in the workplace because those in charge have needs that must be met, patrons have expectations for the quality of service, and our coworkers have expectations as well. It is important in every setting from home to work to play.

What does being held accountable mean?

Definition of 'accountable'. accountable. If you are accountable to someone for something that you do, you are responsible for it and must be prepared to justify your actions to that person. Public officials can finally be held accountable for their actions. The major service industries should be accountable to their customers.

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