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Frequently Asked Questions

What do doulas do at the end of life?

Instead of having doulas only to help with the beginning of life, we have doulas to assist at the end, too. End-of-life doulas, sometimes called doulas for the dying or death midwives, help dying people and their families transition from life into death. Their goal is a “good death” for their patients.

Who is the National end of Life Doula Alliance?

The National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) is a membership organization that welcomes all doula practitioners, trainers, and interested parties, regardless of background or level of experience, to help us aspire to the highest standards for practicing end-of-life doula professionals.

Who is qualified to be a death doula?

Anyone who wishes to serve at the end of life can qualify to be a death doula. This might include caregivers, holistic practitioners, nurses, and other medical professionals. Some courses will provide continuing education units and can open the course up to other professionals. Do I have to take an exam?

Are there any doulas that work in hospice?

“Although hospice is wonderful in the death and dying field, they don’t have the hours and hours and hours that the doulas have to really, deeply, get into this work,” says Janie Rakow, a practicing end-of-life doula for nine years and president of the International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA).

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