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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of leadership theories?

Examples of leadership theorists include academics, writers, trainers and executive coaches. Executive coaches, for example, use leadership theories to analyse the leader's personal development and/or interactions with the organisation. Through forming relevant explanations of the leadership/organisational dynamics,...

What are key leadership concepts?

Key Concepts of Leadership: Team Playing. A key concept of leadership is the team playing. Any leader who aspires to be successful must be a team player. One should be participative in the team one is leading. Supporting the team members, every step of the way is very important. The leader should also consider Opinions of the team members.

What is leadership approach?

Broadly, there are four distinct approaches to leadership, viz. Traits theory, Behaviouristic theory, Contingency theory and Charismatic theories of leadership. Traits Theory Ask people what good leadership is, and it's quite likely you will get a response that suggests good leadership can somehow be defined in terms of traits or characteristics.

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