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What is the geography of ancient Macedonia?

Macedonia, ancient kingdom centred on the plain in the northeastern corner of the Greek peninsula, at the head of the Gulf of Thérmai. In the 4th century bce it achieved hegemony over Greece and conquered lands as far east as the Indus River, establishing a short-lived empire that introduced the Hellenistic Age of ancient Greek civilization.

What is the history of Macedonia?

Macedonia is an historic region that spans parts of northern Greece and the Balkan Peninsula. The ancient kingdom of Macedonia (sometimes called Macedon) was a crossroads between Mediterranean and Balkan civilizations. Macedonia briefly became the largest empire in the world under the reign of Alexander the Great in the fourth century B.C.

Is Macedonia in ancient Greece?

Macedonia (/ˌmæsɪˈdoʊniə/ (listen); Ancient Greek: Μακεδονία, Makedonía), also called Macedon (/ˈmæsɪdɒn/), was an ancient kingdom on the periphery of Archaic and Classical Greece, and later the dominant state of Hellenistic Greece.

What is the geography of Macedonia?

Macedonia Geography. Geography. Macedonia is an elevated plateau of large, rolling hills and deep valleys, completely dissected and surrounded by mountains. The Dinaric Alps extend down into the country, and the highest point is in the Korab Mountain range, at 9,066 ft.

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