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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Macedonian mean?

Macedonian (Македонец) is a person originating from the region of Macedonia - the term has only regional, not ethnic meaning, and it usually means a Bulgarian, or a clarification is made (Greek, Albanian...).

What do Macedonians look like?

As the article of wikipedia and every well written history book says, Macedonians have always been and still are Greek people. They are slightly taller in average than all other Greeks, have a pale skin complex but that is about it. Like all othe Greeks they may have green, blue, brown or honey colored eyes.

What ethnicity is Macedonia?

Ethnicity Most people living in Macedonia today are Macedonian, although nearly a quarter of the population is ethnically Albanian and smaller minorities exist as well. Most of the country's ethnic Macedonians speak Macedonian, while most of the ethnic Albanians speak Albanian, both of which are official languages.

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