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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mason and what do they do?

The definition of a mason is a craftsman in the construction and building trade who works in brick or stone. A person you would call to build your fireplace is an example of a mason.

What is the difference between a mason and a Freemason?

As nouns the difference between freemason and mason is that freemason is a member of a guild of skilled itinerant masons during the middle ages while mason is one whose occupation is to build with stone or brick; also, one who prepares stone for building purposes.

What does a. E. W. Mason mean?

(synonym) A. E. W. Mason, Alfred Edward Woodley Mason (hypernym) writer, author 4. a member of a widespread secret fraternal order pledged to mutual assistance and brotherly love (synonym) Freemason (hypernym) brother (hyponym) Knight Templar (member-holonym) Freemasonry, Masonry Noun 1. a craftsman who works with stone or brick (synonym) stonemason

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