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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the original Mason Dixon line?

However, the original Mason–Dixon Line was actually a demarcation ( or border) line between Pennsylvania and Maryland, in an effort to settle an 80-year land dispute between the two colonies. It also included the western border of present-day Delaware, as it was then a part of the Pennsylvania colony.

What is the significance of the Mason Dixon line?

The Mason-Dixon Line is a significant cultural designation in the US. The line was surveyed by Charles Mason in collaboration with Jeremiah Dixon from 1763 to 1767 to solve a border dispute between Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania when America was a colony.

What is the Mason Dixon line mean?

The Mason-Dixon Line has two definitions. One relates to the surveying of land by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon from 1763-1767. The other definition refers to separation between US states by states that allowed slavery, and states which did not, or Union and Confederate States. This more common usage occurred during the Civil War.

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