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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Masonite used for?

Masonite is used by moving companies. Among other things, they use it to protect the walls of buildings where they work, and lay on floors to enable smooth rolling of dollies loaded with goods.

What is tempered masonite?

Masonite® or tempered hardboard is manufactured by taking wood fibers coated with linseed oil and pressing them into sheet form at high temperatures. The linseed oil is added to the wood fibers to help bond them together during the manufacturing process.

What are masonite boards?

Masonite is a thin, medium-brown board that is made from steamed wood chips that have been stretched into thin fibers and pressed together with enough pressure to form a solid board. When you look at the grain you can see the strands of fiber, especially on the cross-cut section of the board, which is just slightly rougher than the rest.

What is Masonite art?

Masonite is often used as a painting support. It is a trademarked brand name of a particular type of board. It is made (in very basic terms) from wood fibers and glue (resin) that is molded into flat boards.

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