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What do you call a concrete masonry unit?

It is also known as a concrete masonry unit (CMU). As a building material, concrete offers several attractive characteristics to designers and builders, including the following: Durable

Which is the best definition of the word masonry?

noun, plural ma·son·ries. the craft or occupation of a mason. work constructed by a mason, especially stonework: the crumbling masonry of ancient walls. (initial capital letter) Freemasonry.

What are the different types of curbs and gutters?

Types of curb. Most curb is constructed separately from the pavement, and the gutter is formed at the joint between the roadway and the curb. Combined curb and gutter (also called "curb and channel") has a concrete curb and gutter cast together in one piece. "Integral curb" is curbing constructed integrally as a part of a concrete pavement.

Which is a type of un coursed rubble masonry?

Un coursed square rubble masonry: The squared rubble in masonry which hammer dressed stones are laid without making courses is called un coursed square rubble masonry. It consists of stones which are squared on all joints and beds by hammer dressing. All the stones to be laid are of different sizes.

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