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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word mystic mean in English?

/ ˈmɪs.tɪ.k ə l / (also mystic) relating to the belief that there is hidden meaning in life, or that each human being can unite with God:

What kind of mysticism does reflexology believe in?

This view of reflexology is rooted in Eastern mysticism and is unbiblical. Reflexology is popular in the New Age movement. However, not everyone who participates in reflexology believes in mystic energy fields or personal divinity.

What does Chinese massage mean in Chinese medicine?

Chinese massage is the name for a family of massage therapies practiced within traditional Chinese medicine .

What does it mean to have a mystical experience?

Some authors emphasize that mystical experience involves intuitive understanding of the meaning of existence and of hidden truths, and the resolution of life problems. According to Larson, "mystical experience is an intuitive understanding and realization of the meaning of existence."

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