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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of a massage?

The therapeutic manipulation of body tissues by a trained practitioner, as by systematic stroking, kneading, or application of pressure, to effect a beneficial physiological response such as pain reduction or improved circulation. b. An act or instance of the therapeutic manipulation of body tissues.

What's the difference between a massager and a masseur?

massager - someone who rubs or kneads parts of the body to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. masseur - a male massager. masseuse - a female massager. physical therapist, physiotherapist - therapist who treats injury or dysfunction with exercises and other physical treatments of the disorder.

What do you call a full body massage?

Sexual massage may also be called erotic massage or sensual massage. A “happy ending massage” is a slang phrase that refers to a traditional full body massage that ends with a sex act designed to cause the client to orgasm. In many places around the world, it’s illegal for massage parlors to offer this service.

What was the Ancient Greek term for massage?

In the fourth century B.C.Hippocrates wrote, "The physician must be acquainted with many things and assuredly with rubbing" (the ancient Greek term for massage was rubbing).

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