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Frequently Asked Questions

How are architectural massing studies helpful?

A "massing study" is an architectural way to visualize or understand the way that complex constraints impact the overall design of buildings . Examples of the reasons why massing studies are needed include circumstances such as limitations of heights due to setback requirements, requirements to maintain visual integrity in high profile environments, and simply to check out the overall design of an idea before any details are created.

What is the definition of architectural massing?

Massing is a term in architecture which refers to the perception of the general shape and form as well as size of a building. Massing refers to the structure in three dimensions (form), not just its outline from a single perspective (shape).

What is a massing study?

Massing study is the study of the general shape, form, and size of the project. It is often the starting point of architectural design. Massing study helps the architect see the project in terms of masses or blocks. Massing refers to the structure in a three-dimensional form. It also helps in determining the functionality of the structure.

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