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Frequently Asked Questions

What does missed abortion mean in medical terms?

Missed abortion: a pregnancy in which there is a fetal demise (usually for a number of weeks) but no uterine activity to expel the products of conception Recurrent spontaneous abortion: three or more consecutive pregnancy losses Septic abortion: a spontaneous abortion that is complicated by intrauterine infection

What does it mean to have a missed AB?

A missed AB is typically one that presents with no bleeding but an early ultrasound shows no embryo (blighted ovum) or no heartbeat. Sometimes it's diagnosed with falling blood HCG levels. You must log in or register to reply here.

What does it mean to have a missed miscarriage?

A missed miscarriage, sometimes termed a missed abortion 3, is a situation when there is a non-viable fetus within the uterus, without symptoms of a miscarriage.

When to use 59820 for a missed abortion?

You should use 59820 (Treatment of missed abortion, completed surgically; first trimester) for the surgical removal of a missed abortion - meaning the fetus died in utero and the ob-gyn decided to remove it surgically. Can someone please explain the difference between these codes?

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