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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of missed nursing care?

Findings: Missed nursing care, conceptualized within the Missed Nursing Care Model, is defined as any aspect of required patient care that is omitted (either in part or in whole) or delayed.

How is missed care related to patient safety?

The vast majority also express pleasure and relief that missed care is ‘out in the open’, referring to it as ‘a secret’ ( Kalisch 2006 ). Not acknowledging missed care is similar to the tradition of hiding patient errors and near misses, which the current patient safety movement is trying to correct.

Who is most at risk for missed nursing care?

Associate degree nurses reported more missed care than baccalaureate-prepared and diploma-educated nurses. The results of this study lead to the conclusion that a large proportion of all hospitalized patients are being placed in jeopardy because of missed nursing care or errors of omission.

How to reduce the frequency of missed nursing care?

Cultivating cross-monitoring and cooperative problem-solving skills among staff may decrease the frequency of missed nursing care. Third, the organization of nursing work and the organization of the supply chain that supports nursing work may contribute to preventing missed care.

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