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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mossad operation?

The Mossad is concerned with foreign intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, and covert operations. Formally established in December 1949 as the Institute for Co-ordination, the Mossad was the successor to the intelligence arm of the Haganah (the Jewish military force in Palestine during the British mandate period).

What is Mossad agent?

Mossad also is responsible for the clandestine movement of Jewish refugees out of Syria, Iran, and Ethiopia. Mossad agents are active in the former communist countries, in the West, and at the UN . Mossad is headquartered in Tel Aviv.

What is Israeli secret service?

Literally "mossad" (îåñã) is Hebrew for "institution"/"institute"/"establishment". The full name of the Israeli Secret Service can be freely translated into "The institution for intelligence and special tasks".

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