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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell that a number is rational?

Rational Numbers The number 8 is a rational number because it can be written as the fraction 8/1. Likewise, 3/4 is a rational number because it can be written as a fraction. Even a big, clunky fraction like 7,324,908/56,003,492 is rational, simply because it can be written as a fraction.

What is rational number and examples?

Rational Numbers. Any number that can be written as a fraction with integers is called a rational number . For example, 1 7 and − 3 4 are rational numbers. Rational Numbers. All positive and negative fractions, including integers and so-called improper fractions.

How do you get a rational number?

Rational Numbers. A Rational Number can be made by dividing two integers. (An integer is a number with no fractional part.) 1.5 is a rational number because 1.5 = 3/2 (3 and 2 are both integers) Most numbers we use in everyday life are Rational Numbers.

What are the different characteristics of a rational number?

Among the most outstanding characteristics of rational numbers, the following can be mentioned: They are infinite . They can be expressed in fractions or with decimals. They represent one or several parts of an integer. The history of rational numbers has an unknown origin.

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